Who is the god of football in 2022?

Sport as we know is an individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, often involving the testing of physical capabilities and taking the form of a competitive game such as football, tennis, etc.


Here is the list of Top 10 Trending Popular Sports in the World 2022.

Sports are usually fun to watch and played, and there are a lot of sports such as; football, cricket, basketball, tennis and lot more. Which are the top most popular sports among them? Let us find out.

Rank Sport Worldwide Estimated Fans Popularity
1 Soccer (Football) 3.5 billion Europe, Africa, Asia, America
2 Cricket 2.5 billion Asia, Australia, UK
3 Basketball 2.2 billion US, Canada, China, Philippines
4 Field Hockey 2 billion Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
5 Tennis 1 billion Europe, America, Asia
6 Volleyball 900 million Asia, Europe, America, Australia
7 Table Tennis 850 million Aisa, Europe, Africa, America
8 Baseball 500 million US, Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic
9 Rugby 410 million USA (France), England, New Zealand, South Africa
10 Golf 390 million Asia, Europe, America, Canada

1. Soccer (Football)

Soccer Football - Rank 1 Most Popular Sports in the World 2022

The most popular game in the world is Soccer or Football whatever you want to say.

Who doesn’t know about this? and if you don’t let me tell you. It is a sport where each team tries to put the ball in the opponent’s goal post. Only the goalkeeper has the honor to touch the ball with his hands.

It is an intense game when both teams are at 0-0 goals in extra time trying to score and also defend their goal. This is what I like about football it is fun to watch and the audience gets all riled up for their favorite teams.

Rank – 1    Popularity – Around 3.5 billion fans worldwide

2. Cricket

Cricket - Rank 2 in Most Popular Sports in the World 2022

One game for which the Indians are super crazy is cricket. A game of 11 players each where one team scores and the other has to reach the given target.

 Popular names like – MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, AB de Villiers, Sachin Tendulkar, David Warner, Virat Kohli, Ricky Ponting, Brendan McCullum, Kapil Dev, etc. Now don’t get angry that I have not written the name of your favorite player. There are thousands of players so I have just written a few over here.

Rank – 2    Popularity – Around 2.5 billion fans worldwide

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3. Basketball

Basketball - Rank 3 in the list of Popular Sports in the World 2022

Maybe it is not that popular in India but in outside countries, there is a big craze for this sport.

Simply put you need to dump the ball into the opponent’s hoop to get points. It is a game of spatial awareness, fast reflex, endurance, techniques, and whatnot.

I really don’t follow it that much but I have seen some matches which were really great. It’s great to see how people quickly move, quick turns to avoid and penetrate forward.

Rank – 3    Popularity – Around 2.2 billion fans worldwide

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4. Field Hockey

Hockey - Rank 4 in the list of Popular Sports

It is considered the national sport of India and has gained much popularity like cricket still not at that level but increasing rapidly.

This is a game where players used a hockey stick to move and control the ball and to shoot it to the opponent’s goal.

To add more to it, Ice Hockey is also becoming a thing in India as it is played in different states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, etc. Basically, in the northern side of India where the temperature is low.

Rank – 4    Popularity – Around 2 billion fans worldwide

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5. Tennis

Tennis - Rank 5 in the list of Popular Sports

It is mainly played as a solo sport but it is also played as a pair or duo. Here you need to hit the tennis ball with the racket and it needs to land on the other side of the net or your opponent gets one point.

The game is not that complex it is easy to understand. You just need good reflexes, and quick feet, and you can be one of the great players who knows.

It is played in India but has not gained that much popularity because not having the minimum infrastructure related to this game.

Rank – 5    Popularity – Around 1 billion fans worldwide


6. Volleyball

Volleyball - Rank 6 in the list of Popular Sports

In brief, it is a team game with six players on each side of the court trying to avoid the ball to fall on their side of the court.

You can only touch the ball for a few seconds and there are spikers, libero, setter, and blockers. You will know everything once you check out the above-mentioned posts.

Rank – 6    Popularity – Around 900 million fans worldwide


7. Table Tennis

Table Tennis - Rank 7 in the list of Popular Sports

This game already had its popularity but now it has increased so much in different countries.

It is like tennis but played on a table. Unlike tennis’s big area, table tennis has a minimum area and you need extreme hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes to even hit the ball back to the opponent.

Rank – 7    Popularity – Around 850 million fans worldwide


8. Baseball

Baseball - Rank 8 in the list of Popular Sports
Baseball – Rank 8 in the list of Popular Sports

It is still not highly recognized in India but in other countries, it is a much more popular sport.

Here batters try to hit and run to score points and pitchers try to strike out the batter to avoid giving any runs. Batters need to reach the home base to score a run and the fielder’s job is to stop them from doing so.

Rank – 8    Popularity – Around 500 million fans worldwide

9. Rugby

Rugby - Rank 9 in the list of Popular Sports

It is a game of tough guys. It is the most physical game there could be. Players need to take to the ball to the opponent’s touchdown area to get points. But they need to cross the opponent’s wall either by force or with the help of teammates. It is not heavily based on techniques.


Rank – 9    Popularity – Around 410 million fans worldwide

10. Golf

Golf - Rank 10 in the list of Popular Sports

It is a game that is most popular among rich people.  It is a game where you hit the ball with different clubs and try to put the ball in the hole with different courses to play on.

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