The Mexican league, popularly known as the Liga MX is the biggest arguably with tough rivalry with the Major League Soccer.

The competition in the Liga MX stretches beyond the domestic scene as it seen in major North American continental competition like the CONCACAF Champions League were Mexico teams continue to dominate since 1970 to date.

Mexico has some of the biggest football clubs in the world most of which are involved in some of the most fiercely contested rivalry in world.

At the top echelon of Mexican soccer, the Liga MX, the Big Four is often used to differentiate between the biggest teams and the rest of the contenders in the top flight.

Compared with the Major League Soccer, the Liga MX promotion and relegation system is less effective with just one team making the cut. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic had forced the second tier to become even less authoritative, thereby giving more edge to the Liga MX teams to continue dominating the soccer scene in the country.

So what is the biggest soccer rivalry in the Mexican Liga MX? The Big Four which comprises of Club América, Guadalajara, Cruz Azul, and Universidad Nacional contest the biggest rivalry in the Liga MX


Biggest rivalry in the Mexico Liga MX

1. El Súper Clásico (Mexico)

Chivas Guadalajara vs Club América

2. Clásico Capitalino

Club América vs Club Universidad Nacional

3. Clásico Joven

Club América vs Cruz Azul

4. Universidad Nacional vs. Guadalajara

5. Clasico Nacional, Super Clasico or Clasico de Clasicos

6. Clasico Regio or Regiomontano

7. Clasico Tapatio