Borussia Dortmund all time top scorers in history with full details across all competitions. In this article, we’ll highlight the list of all time leading scorers across all competitions for Borussia Dortmund including the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, Champions League, etc.


Borussia Dortmund is one of the biggest clubs on the European football scene producing some of the greatest all time top scorers in history.


BVB or simply Dortmund was founded in 1909 and have consistently competed at the highest level of football in Germany.


The club is regarded as the second most successful team in German football history behind Bayern Munich.


With a large number of members, making Borussia Dortmund the second-largest sports club by membership in Germany, the club has continued to compete at the highest level.


Dortmund Top 10 highest goal Scorers


In the history of the club, Alfred Preissler is the all time top scorer of Borussia Dortmund with 174 goals scored across all competitions.


The German international contributed goals that helped the club win some major trophies in its early years.


In BVB’s moderate era, German international Marco Reus is the leading top scorer of the club having scored 142 goals closely followed by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with 141 goals.


Marco Reus as the current leading scorer in the 21st century is still active at the club.


In node goal scorers, Marco Reus leads the way with 142 goals have remained with the club since moving from Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2012.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a Gabonese attacker was another hotshot within few seasons he spent at the club, emerging as top scorer of the German Bundesliga against all odds at the end of the 2016–17 campaign.


Robert Lewandowski who’s currently making the headline began shooting himself to the top of Dortmund all time top scorers but was cut short by Bayern Munich move.


In total, Robert Lewandowski scored 74 goals in 131 Bundesliga appearances excluding the DFB-Pokal, DFL-Supercup and Europa football competitions.


Ranking Borussia Dortmund all time top scorer in the history


1. Alfred Preissler


Goals: 174

Position: Forward

Nationality: Germany


Alfred Preissler is the leading Borussia Dortmund all time top scorer with 174 goals for the club.


During his time at the club, his goals helped the club to claim the Bundesliga or German Championship as it was called back then in two consecutive seasons.


In total, he had two spells at the club. During his spell at Dortmund, Alfred Preissler managed over 45 goals in 78 appearances.


He won the league back to back with Dortmund in his second spell where he scored 123 goals in the German Championship in 211 appearances.


He was outside during his time at the club.


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2. Manfred Burgsmüller


Goals: 158

Position: Striker / Midfielder

Nationality: Germany


Manfred Burgsmüller is Borussia Dortmund second all time leading scorer with 158 goals. He is currently the club’s all time top scorer in the German Bundesliga with 135 goals.


The German international spent seven seasons at the club which made him one of the club’s greatest in the Bundesliga.


His goal contributions helped the club across various Competitions he was featured.


He was regarded as one of the most important players in the team as he was always featured in the team’s starting eleven as a midfielder.


He scored important goals that led to the club’s improve run throughout his stay at the club.


Bundesliga – Manfred Burgsmüller time at Dortmund, he could not win the German Champions despite his impressive goal-scoring abilities.


3. Michael Zorc


Goals: 155

Position: Central midfielder

Nationality: Germany


Michael Zorc is Borussia Dortmund third all time leading scorer with 155 goals.


The German internationally ended his career at the club on a high note. Zorc is one of the few players that spent their entire career with Borussia Dortmund.


He spent seventeen years at the club and scored 131 goals in 463 appearances in the Bundesliga alone which is a club record.


Zorc’s was outstanding throughout his Dortmund career, helping the club to lift the German Championship twice.


His contributions also led to the club’s success, winning the 1996–97 UEFA Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup.


Zorc scored important goals and constant netted double digits in seven football seasons.


Bundesliga – Michael Zorc first Bundesliga title with Dortmund was an achievement during the 1994–95 season, exactly fourteen years at the club.


Zorc and Dortmund made it back to back wins following a successful campaign in the 1994–95 season.


UEFA Champions League – BVB claimed its Champions League title the following season in 1996–97 after back to back titles.


DFB-Pokal – Zorc also helped the club to claim the German Cup title.


Leaving the football scene afte he hang up his boots, Michael Zorc returned to the scene, but this time in the managerial side of the club.


He’s been charged at the helm of affairs at Borussia Dortmund over the years, achieving greater heights with the club.


Since he became part of the club, he’s been able to help to shape the club’s youth system, causing the club to be recognized for its ability to spot and develop young players across the European continent.


Michael Zorc is currently living a legacy at Borussia Dortmund firstly as a player as a now as a member of the club’s board.


4. Lothar Emmerich


Goals: 146

Position: Forward / Winger

Nationality: Germany


Lothar Emmerich is Dortmund’s fourth all time top scorer with 146 goals across all competitions.


The German international began his Professional football club with Borussia Dortmund.


He spent nine seasons with the club before switching to K Beerschot VAV in Belgium.


In 215 Bundesliga appearances, Meme found the back of the net 126 times.


His first league title as a BVB player was achieved three years in 1963 after he was announced as the club’s latest signing in 1960.


He scored a couple of goals in the subsequent Bundesliga season to help the club finish in decent positions.


DFB-Pokal – In 1964–65, Emmerich helped Borussia Dortmund claim the German Cup.


In the final Alemannia Aachen, he scored the club’s second goal in the eighteenth minute to close the game after Schmidt had scored the first goal in the tenth minute.


Lothar Emmerich emerged as Bundesliga top scorer for two seasons in 1965–66 and 1966–67.


5. Friedhelm Konieczka


Goals: 145

Position: Striker

Nationality: Germany


Friedhelm Konietzka is Borussia Dortmund fifth all time top scorer with 145 goals.


He began his Professional football career with Borussia Dortmund, scoring 121 goals in 163 German Bundesliga. appearances.


He spent seen seasons with the club before switching to TSV 1860 Munich the food year.


West German Championship – Friedhelm Konietzka goals contributions helped the club claim the regional league.


DFB-Pokal – He won the German Cup in 1964–65 with Dortmund.


6. Marco Reus – (Active)


Goals: 142

Position: Forward

Nationality: Germany


Marco Reus is the sixth all time Borussia Dortmund all time top scorer with 142 goals and counting.


The German international started on a bright note after he was by the club in 2012 as one of the new signings.


He began his professional career with Rot Weiss Ahlen II after leaving the Borussia Dortmund youth team.


Reus attracted the interest of the top hierarchy at the club after recording the most successful season of his career in 2012, scoring 18 goals and providing 12 assists.


At the end of the season, Dortmund’s did everything to persuasion Reus who later fancied a return to his former club where he spent ten years as a youth player.


In 97 appearances for Borussia Mönchengladbach, Marcos Reus scored 36 Bundesliga goals across four seasons.


In his first Professional season for Dortmund, Reus was in fine form, helping Borussia Dortmund reach the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final, but fired blank as Bayern Munich edged the Yellow Wall to the title.


Following a disappointing end to the Champions League, Dortmund’s returns to hunt Bayern Munich in the DFL-Supercup with two goals from Marco Rose, an own goal and a goal from Gündoğan.


DFB-Pokal – Despite Scouting fewer goals in the Cup competition, Marco Reus helped Dortmund lift the DFB-Pokal in the 2016–17 campaign.


Reus lifted his second DFB-Pokal with Borussia Dortmund in 2020–21.


Marco Reus remains one of the best players in the history of the club in the 21st century.


Marco is one of the few players that refused to leave the club for bigger clubs in the Bundesliga just as how some top players departed the club after just a few seasons.


Reus is expected to continue his career with Dortmund and possibly climb higher on the club’s all time leading goal scorers.


7. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


Goals: 141

Position: Striker

Nationality: Gabon


Aubameyang is renowned for his pace, is Borussia Dortmund seventh all time top scorer with 141 goals across all competitions.


The Gabonese internationally enjoyed a scintillating career at Borussia Dortmund before Maki the switch to English Premier League club Arsenal amid links to top clubs including Real Madrid.


Aubameyang began his career with the French football side ASL L’Huisserie Football.


He moves to Italia Série A side AC Milan where he began his professional career where he was sent on loan twice to Dijon and Lille and never play for Milan in the league.


Three years at Saint-Étienne after his initial loan spell at the club had ended, Aubameyang scored 35 goals in 73 appearances, forcing Dortmund chiefs to consider a move that materialized as quick as possible.


Moving to Germany on a five deal, Aubameyang has introduced in a DFL-Supercup clash again Bayern Munich which ends in favour of the Yellow Wall.

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He quickly established himself scoring a hat-trick against FC Augsburg.


Marking an excellent career in Germany, Aubameyang emerged Bundesliga top scorer for the 2016–17 season.


Moving to Arsenal, Aubameyang was able to quickly established himself as one of the danger men in the English Premier League.

He won the FA Cup with the London based club.

Aubameyang remains one of the top players in Borussia Dortmund with a good impact within the first few years of his career at the club.


8. Jürgen Schütz


Goals: 137

Position: Midfielder

Nationally: Germany


Jürgen Schütz is the eighth all time top scorer for Borussia Dortmund with 137 goals across all competitions.


He had two spells at Dortmund’s, scoring 103 goals in his first and 30 goals in his second spell.


In his last season, he helped Dortmund claim the German Bundesliga title and departed for Italy where he teamed up with AS Roma.


He scored a personal goal record of 103 in his first spell at Dortmund. Returning to the club, he managed 30 goals in four seasons.

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9. Alfred Niepieklo


Goals: 124

Position: Forward

Nationality: Germany


Alfred Niepieklo is the ninth Borussia Dortmund all time top scorer with 124 goals across all competitions.


Almost the majority of his Professional football career was spent at Borussia Dortmund.


10. Stéphane Chapuisat

(Jointly held)


Goals: 122

Position: Forward

Nationality: Switzerland


Stéphane Chapuisat is Borussia Dortmund joint tenth all time top scorer with 122 goals.


The Switzerland former Professional Footballer had an impressive scoring record during his time at the club.


Throughout his Bundesliga campaigning, he scored 102 in 218 appearances.


Stéphane Chapuisat helped Dortmund claim back to back Bundesliga titles in 1994–95 and 1995–96.


His career at the club was fruitful, winning the UEFA Champions League in 1996–97 and the Intercontinental Cup in 1997.


This was also one of the greatest periods of Borussia Dortmund history.


He spent eight seasons at Borussia Dortmund before departing for his home country club Grasshoppers.


In his history, is the best performance player from Switzerland at Borussia Dortmund, scoring and contributing to the team.


10. Alfred Kelbassa

(Jointly held)


Goals: 122

Position: Forward

Nationality: Germany


Alfred Kelbassa is the joint tenth all time top scorer of Borussia Dortmund with 122 goals.


At Dortmund, he won the German football championship now Bundesliga three times in 1956, 1957 and 1963.


Some of his goals led to Dortmund’s back to back wins.


There won’t be any other means for Dortmund if they were no goals in the first place. These players contributed to the club’s success throughout its existence.


German footballers dominates the club’s all time list with players from Gabon, Switzerland, occupying the remaining spot on the top ten best list.


About Dortmund

Ballspielverein Borussia or simply BVB is one of the biggest football clubs in Germany.


The Dortmund based club have won eight Bundesliga titles, five DFB-Pokals, one UEFA Champions League, one Intercontinental Cup.


These achievements rank the club as one of the most successful teams in Germany domestically and internationally behind Bayern Munich.


The club was founded in 1909 and is currently one of the largest sports brands in the country.


Dortmund contests some of the fiercest rivalries in European football. The club holds a long-standing rivalry with Schalke 04, with the two teams contesting the Revierderby.

Currently, the club’s rivalry known as Der Klassiker is contested with Bayern Munich.


The article highlights Borussia Dortmund all time top scorers in history with full details across all competitions including the Bundesliga, UEFA Competitions, DFB-Pokal, DFL-Supercup, etc.