Who is the king of football?

Instagram offers a wide range of content possibilities of all kinds. This social platform like so many others is not alien to what users demand the most. Among these demands are live sports, especially soccer. Today we show you how to watch football live on Instagram.


With more than 1,200 million accounts on the Instagram platform, it has become one of the most popular social applications in recent years. Since 2012 when it was bought by Facebook, its audience has been growing by leaps and bounds.

71% of Instagram users are under 35 years old and every day these users spend an average of 53 minutes viewing images and sharing content within the platform. In addition, the brands have found an excellent channel for disseminating their products. On Instagram there are, in addition to images, videos and direct of all kinds of topics. Among those topics and contents, sports and more specifically football are not lacking. We show you how to watch football live on Instagram. See App to Watch Live bEIN Sports, MBC Channels, More

Broadcasting football in a pirated or illegal way is not something new in our society . Now there are Instagram accounts that broadcast live highlights of matches for users to see through this social network.

To know how to watch football live on Instagram, you have to follow accounts specialized in this topic. If you follow them and have the notifications activated, they will notify you when any of the live broadcasts they carry out begins . Sometimes in the stories they launch the link to enter the channels where the broadcast is broadcast.

What you should keep in mind is that these broadcasts are given in low image quality and with bad ambient sound. To see it at high quality it is better to make a paid subscription to any of the platforms that broadcast football in HD. If you want to know which accounts on Instagram broadcast football for free, you can simply search for them through Google or you can continue reading below because we are going to show you the name of some of them.

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You already know how to watch football live on Instagram, but now we give you the name of some accounts on Instagram to watch football for free . Keep in mind that many of them are closing, but new ones are opening again. You just have to search for them through the account search engine that comes within the Instagram application itself.

  • @directfutbolmania. It is one of these Instagram accounts where you can watch football for free in their live streams. It also has a Telegram channel.
  • @footballdirecto. This account has more than 130,000 followers and in addition to broadcasts it runs raffles, tells news and also shows advertising.
  • @futboldirectohn. Although the account is called Futbol en directo Honduras, it also broadcasts the European leagues. Usually puts the link in stories or in the profile.
  • @ matchesenvivo4. Another one of those soccer accounts. In it they also launch opinion polls.



If you are one of those who love football, but cannot afford or do not want to pay to watch it, you may wonder, Can you watch football for free on Instagram? Next, we give you the answer.


Indeed, you can watch football for free on Instagram. On the platform there are hundreds of accounts that broadcast live and totally free matches from both the Spanish league and other European leagues such as: England, France, Italy, Germany … There are also other championships such as the Champions League or the Europa League.

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